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We want to help our partners to access new channels, to increase sales, get their products discovered and control their costs.

Our platform is secure, easy to use and will help our partners accelerate cash flow by avoiding processing delays and expensive payment fees.


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More customers

Expand your offering and reach more customers with powerful marketing features. Raise your search rankings with SEO tools; promote on social (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest); build your email list, and more.  

Love your brand

Customer loyalty can have a significant impact on your business growth. That’s why we’ve made sure our platform is easy to use, mobile responsive and has a great UI to keep your customers coming back, every time.  

Because it’s fast

Create and publish your online store quickly. With the help of our smart tools, you don’t need to know how to code. Plus, your site will work well on any device. 

And it’s easy

YAN want to make growing your business easy. Our team has the knowledge and tools to help you get started, but also keep you moving forward - at pace. We’ve built a ‘no fuss’ platform to make it easy to integrate into and simple to set up. 

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Why Partner with YAN?

YAN are committed to supporting their partners. Not only will you get access to a new channel of customers, you will be increasing your speed to market.

Our partner platform is secure and reliable and helps to not only reduce marketing costs but reducing time-consuming admin. It is easy to use, responsive and fast. Plus, with our data analytics tools, we take the guess work out of tracking and channel management.

When it comes to cash, we know how challenging and expensive it can be. That’s why we manage all the payment processing to accelerate cash flow and keep your costs down.

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What can the ecommerce platform do?

The YAN eCommerce platform is a order and stock management system that provides a single user interface for merchants selling both on YAN and other supported (40+ sales channels that can be easily connected for managing orders with speed directly from YAN’s eCommerce management dashboard.  

Sellers can focus on growing their online business as they will be provided with all the tools they need for optimising and improving their sales performance and therefore can save time on creating listing, stock updates, order processing, shipping, accounting and much more. Among other useful features such as CSV imports/exports, low stock alerts and creating shipping labels, sellers can also benefit from the reporting and analytics tool that will show them in-depth insights into running their online business through a range of business reports. 

Can I connect an existing store into YAN?

Products can be uploaded/fetched from seller’s Website, Mobile App, Webstore or Marketplace directly into their own personalised branded widget on YAN platform. Product listings on YAN can be reversely loaded into other 40+ sales channels, Web stores or Marketplaces.  These processes are managed with the following way 

  1. API - This allows external websites and mobile applications to securely communicate with the YAN platform 
  1. Content Management System – This is effectively a seller’s dashboard through which Merchants can connect and automate their data. This including product data they may have on various eCommerce webstores like Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento and even marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.  
  1. Spreadsheet/CSV - an additional option for uploading products directly into the YAN portal. 
What other applications can YAN integrate in to?

YAN’s eCommerce platform integrates with the most popular shipping carriers and couriers, as well as with accounting software. Sellers can update tracking numbers into sales channels, create shipping labels, manage shipping rules and many more. Our system will also help merchants to consolidate accounting across all sales channels, including YAN, with dedicated systems such as Xero, Sage, and more, which will automate post sales data by synchronizing and recording orders through sales receipts or invoices. 

What will Partner onboarding look like?

Onboarding is a very early and very critical step for participating in the YAN ecosystem, and it is important that the onboarding process be quick and efficient Optimising operational agility has been at the forefront of both our technical build as well as our commercial setup. 

Technical integration 
With pre-built b2b connectors, we have a repository of hundreds of pre-configured, ready-to-deploy templates to connect our partners fast. We also use rich APIs and  application connectors to accelerate delivery of custom integrations 

Onboarding new partners will follow a 3 phased approach: 

  1. Phase 130-day fast start plan and initial engagement plan.  
  1. Phase 2: 6-month acceleration plan. 
  1. Phase 3: 12-month business plan. 

Where possibly, YAN have structured their onboarding process with automation. Through a central system, partners will have access to playbooks to support their learning and onboarding. We will also empower partners with sales and technical know-how materials out of the box. Speed and knowledge is key.  


Will I have an Account Manager?

You’ll get a dedicated UK based support team available via phone or email, ready to help with all your seller account questions. In addition, you’ll have your personal account manager as a direct point of contact. 

What are the costs?

We offer you a simple and transparent fee structure, which has no hidden costs. You will only pay a flat referral fee as low as 15% from each sale that will include all transaction costs. 

All seller account packages on YAN are a simple 30-day rolling agreement that won't lock you down into a long-term contract, and you can request to cancel your account at any time. 

We offer our sellers various packages depending on how they set their accounts up and what specifics they will need to be successful.  We have a Basic, Standard and Pro package. 

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